About Us

Why Zenith Medical Equipment Inc. is your most trusted medical solutions provider

Oil Painting of Zenith Medical Equipment, Inc. Building by Virgilio Aviado, Well known Artist, President Southeast Asian Artists Association, Former Dean PWU Fine Arts

Zenith Medical Equipment, Inc. is a family-owned corporation established in November 1964. Over the years, we have aimed to consistently provide customer satisfaction by giving the best products and services.

We promote customer awareness of our products by holding workshops, demonstrations, presentations, and participating in exhibits.

We make certain that the equipment we provide are safe for end users, patients, and hospitals. 

We look forward to achieve our sales targets by having competent sales personnel who are well-trained to promote the lines our company represents. We also continually train our own biomedical technicians so they will always be ready to respond to calls for service.

We have continuously dedicated and upheld our standards of being recognized as the Market Leader in the sales of reliable quality medical and hospital equipment, instruments, and supplies. We only represent the best foreign suppliers.

Our vision and mission

To be the most reliable and committed business partner in the sale of quality medical equipment, providing responsive after sales service, and solutions to the needs of healthcare providers.

Experience, network strength, and financial responsibility are the pillars of our endeavors.

Our Core Competencies


Pioneer in the business with over 50 years of experience in the field of medical equipment.

Know How

Strong knowledge and expertise of the products for a positive customer experience.


We commit to give expert advice, training, and long term technical support to our customers.


We provide the safest, most efficient, and cost effective solutions for our customers.

Track Records

We consistently achieve customer satisfaction by performing excellent work in all our hospital installations.